Keto Breakfast Roll-Ups

The Ingredients

  • 10 large eggs

  • Salt and pepper to taste

  • 1.5 cups shredded cheddar cheese

  • 5 slices bacon, cooked

  • 5 patties breakfast sausage, cooked

  • Nonstick cooking spray

The Process

  1. Pre-heat a nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Whisk together 2 of the eggs in a bowl. Once the skillet is hot turn the heat down to medium-low, then add the eggs. If you need to you can use some non-stick cooking spray. Season the eggs with salt and pepper.

  2. Cover with a lid and allow to cook for a few minutes, until the egg is cooked almost all the way through.

  3. Sprinkle on about 1/3 cup of cheese all over the egg. Lay down a strip of bacon, then break a sausage patty in half and lay that down on top.

  4. Carefully roll the egg over the fillings, usually I can fold it in thirds. It will look a little bit like a taquito. Sometimes I have a hard time rolling it, so I fold it over the first time and use my spatula to keep it there until the egg molds onto the shape. Then I carefully fold it over again.

  5. Set aside the breakfast roll.

  6. Repeat steps 1-4 to create 4 more roll ups. There are five roll ups total.

The Breakdown

412.2 Calories

31.66g Fats

2.26g Net Carbs

28.21g Protein

This makes a total of 5 servings.

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