Functional Medicine and Patient Empowerment

The medical field is highly selective and stratified with different approaches and techniques. One of these stratifications is functional medicine. A functional medicine doctor will focus on first identifying the disease and then addressing its root cause.

The functional model and auto-immune diseases

Depending on the disease, this approach works exceptionally well. Cases which involve auto-immune diseases like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and Hashimoto's thyroiditis especially benefit from this medical approach. This works well because a diagnosis can involve different causes.

Auto-immune diseases like Hashimotos thyroiditis are challenging medical conditions which compromise the immune system and lessen the body’s ability to fight off disease. The functional medicine doctor will use a multi-step approach rather than the traditional acute-care approach which has not been successful in preventing or treating chronic disorders.

The advantages of functional medicine

Functional medical model has brought relief to patients whose previous treatments were unsuccessful. It’s also a more cost-effective model which has allowed many people to escape the crippling debt which can result from long-term chronic medical costs. This treatment has produced medical success stories, particularly from people suffering from auto-immune disorders and diabetes.

The functional medical model has also played a role in expediting the R&D process for medicines. The period between the time a medical discovery has occurred and when it is actually being offered to patients can be over a decade. Functional medical doctors tend to early in trying new scientific breakthroughs and procedures, significantly shortening the time for patients to access new medicines.

The difference between functional medicine and other treatment models are it focuses directly on the underlying causes of the disease. This is done by using original tools created for the purpose, clinical practices that have transformative capabilities, and an advanced treatment process.

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