Let Food be thy Medicine

and Medicine be thy Food.

Gut Health

The Importance of Gut Health


The gut plays an important role in your overall well being and health. It can control everything from your mood to brain health, inflammation, immune function, and weight. This means it’s important to pay attention to your gut health if you want to stay healthy and happy.


You need good bacteria in your system and the good bacteria can help with removing toxins from the body and digestion. The problems with gut health occur when there is too much bad bacteria that cause an imbalance. Good bacteria help keep the immune system strong and about 70% of your immune system can be found in your gut.


When you aren’t focused on gut health, you can have symptoms such as a bad mood, brain fog, anxiety, food allergies, skin problems, digestive upset, and autoimmune diseases. There are many ways your gut can become out of balance and it includes a poor diet, excess stress, not getting enough sleep, and repeated use of antibiotics.