Let Food be thy Medicine

and Medicine be thy Food.

Functional Medicine Doctor

Benefits of a Functional Medicine Doctor


Seeing a functional medicine doctor in Charlotte, NC, has a lot of benefits. Since functional medicine is health-oriented, you can find out the root cause of your illness and actually have a plan that will make you feel better. Treatments with a functional medicine doctor will usually have very few side effects, making treatments less risky than medications or surgery. Avoiding medications can prevent exposure to dangerous side effects. Surgery can also come with many different complications in the recovery process, such as infections.


A functional medicine doctor will work to empower patients to act to help themselves. By being a part of the solution and changing some behaviors, such as food choices or sleep habits, you can learn to take care of yourself. This creates a multi-layered benefit that can last a lifetime. Functional medicine can also cost less money than conventional medicine. As healthcare costs are increasing, this becomes more important.