Be Healthy. Naturally.

Dr. Will wants you to live your best life. A life that is strong and active, full of vitality.

That's why he is dedicated to improving your health naturally using Functional Medicine.

He takes a more holistic and natural approach to finding the root cause of your problem and tailors a specific functional medicine program that's right for you. 

Looking for a more holistic approach to help you feel strong and healthy in Charlotte, North Carolina?

Dr. Will Mosbey is a functional medicine doctor who can help to improve your health.  

Functional medicine focuses on identifying the underlining causes of diseases and works to heal the body as whole, not just the symptoms of a disease.


Stop treating only the symptoms of an autoimmune disease and let Dr. Will Mosbey personalize treatment designed to treat your whole body.

Functional Medicine Program

Get healthy. Naturally.

Functional Medicine takes into account that you are not just a bunch of "parts" put together.  We look at the whole system to find the root cause of your problem, and tailor a solution that is designed specifically for you.

Dr. Will Mosbey


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